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Films In Public Domain

If you’re looking for ways to watch free movies online, you’ll find that learning about public domain films is very useful. These sorts of films may be viewed via the World Wide Web and you’ll never need to pay for the privilege of enjoying them. They are available via a host of movie streaming websites, such as YouTube, Popcornflix.com and Openculture.com.

What are Public Domain Films, Anyway?

When the copyright of intellectual property expires, it falls into the public domain. In other words, films (which are a form of intellectual property) which have expired copyrights may be viewed by persons without the need for payment or the risk of legal penalty. Public domain films are therefore ultra-safe choices for computer/smart phone/iPad owners who wish to view free films without violating copyright.

As you can see, those who want to enjoy free movies without breaking laws will love what these websites have to offer, as each online interface features public domain films galore. In case you’re looking for a one-stop resource for movie titles, you should know that Wikipedia is currently home to a 200-page listing of public domain films – you may find it here.

The following quote from wikipedia should give you a better understanding on when films enter public domain in the US.

Due to the U.S. Copyright Term Extension Act, no more films will automatically enter public domain in the United States until January 1, 2019, when the copyright will expire on films released in 1923 (and in 2020 films from 1924, and so on).


Some Websites Offer Tons of Public Domain Films

Now that you know what public domain films are and how they may be utilized, (one hundred percent free of charge!) let’s explore each public domain film website in more depth. Once you get the “inside scoop” on where these sorts of films may be found, it will be easier for you to enjoy truly cost-effective cinematic entertainment via your home computer or smart phone.

YouTube is a Fine Choice for Public Domain Films

Whether it’s a compelling Spencer Tracy drama or a classic Lassie film, you’ll find that watching a public domain movie at YouTube is a total breeze. Known for its user-friendly interface, finding what you want to watch will be as easy as plugging the search term, “public domain films” into this video sharing website’s internal search engine.

When you do, so, you’ll access tons of choices. Once you’ve found what you like, just click the “play” icon on the video screen in order to enjoy the film. Another bonus is that you’ll be able to comment on the film at the site and/or read comments from other people who’ve viewed the title.

Popcornflix.com is Another Stellar Option

This public domain movie website offers a comprehensive selection of free streaming movies. When you choose this online resource, you’ll access full films, so you’ll never need to worry about cut-offs while you’re viewing. You’ll be able to choose from lots of different categories, including dramas, romantic comedies and scary movies, so you should be able to tailor your viewing choices to your particular tastes.

Consider Openculture.com

Free movies online which are in the public domain may also be found at Openculture.com. This innovative online resource was invented in order to provide people with a host of media choices, all of which are free, safe and legal to use. For example, you may watch public domain movies at the site or download educational courses. There’s plenty of content to choose from, so you’ll never, ever get bored. As with the other websites that we’ve mentioned, you’ll be able to select films from an assortment of genres, including classic film noir.

Now that you know more about public domain films, you’ve discovered one of the secrets of enjoying free films online. If you’d rather watch for free than pony up cash at Netflix or Hulu, you’ll find that viewing public domain movies is one way to escape dreaded subscription charges. While you’ll typically be watching older films, this can be a glorious cinematic experience, as some truly stellar movies were made “before your time”.

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